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Shawn specializes in helping people who’s health and fitness goals are a top 3 priority in their life and strive to be the best version of themselves.  Using a scientific approach,  he ensures the most efficient path to achieving his clients goals by combining an old school hard working mentality while continuing to learn and educate himself and others every day.  Shawn is on a relentless quest of continuous growth for himself and everyone he meets. 

Shawn has been involved in fitness for over 20 years as an athlete and has almost a decade of experience as a coach.  He has trained himself and hundreds of his students to achieve every goal possible including sports performance, aesthetic goals, muscle gains, fat loss, health and wellness as well as injury rehabilitation.  He prides himself on coaching his athletes to be their very best and achieve any and all goals they set in life.  Learning and getting better every day to cultivate a winning mindset is his utmost priority.  His work ethic and leadership have helped facilitate mental, physical, and spiritual growth in all of his clients.

As a strength coach, Shawn delivers a wholistic program for each of his clients that balances high-level preparation and performance with lifestyle, rest and nutrition.

Shawn’s passion is coaching anyone willing to make the sacrifice to develop their mental, physical and spiritual strength.

His mission is to help produce a smarter, stronger, and healthier people through hard work, discipline and team work.